Ancient Ruins

Ancient ruins are buildings in Tropico 3 and Tropico 4. They can't be built; some islands simply have them at the start of the game.

Ancient ruins can, for a price, be either converted for tourism or excavation.


Museums are popular with tourists for the significance they hold to Tropico. All tourist types visit this attraction. Just like Colonial Museums, despite displaying Tropicans as potential visitors, Tropicans will never visit this building.

Work ModesEdit

  • Mimeographed Handout: The museum gives visitors information on a single paper with black and white printing from a mimeograph. This is a cheap way to mass produce handouts.
  • Four-Color Brochure: The museum gives visitors information on a full brochure with colored illustrations. This increases the upkeep to $20 a month, but improves the museum's service quality by 20%.

Excavation SiteEdit

Excavation sites will hire a pair of miners to explore the ruins for valuables. Depending on the skill of the miners, the presidente will get money in their Swiss bank account every time the miners work in the site.

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