Anarchy is an environmental aura in Tropico 2 which forms part of the happiness values for pirates on the island. Anarchy is the opposite of Order, so any area high in one value will be low in the other. This can be problematic since captives need Order, which creates zoning issues.

Where possible, buildings and decor which emanate Anarchy should be placed away from captive-only areas. Captives working in high-Anarchy Entertainment areas should have Fear-emanating buildings and decor placed nearby to help mitigate their lack of Order.

List of Anarchy sourcesEdit

Building Anarchy Size Notes
Anarchy Decor (23:3) 1x1
Anarchy Shrubs (11:2) 1x1
Animal Pit (23:2) 3x3
Brothel & Salon (34:3) 6x4
Casino (46:4) 5x4
Cheap Eatery (34:3) 3x2
Courtesan & Spa (34:3) 3x3
Gambling Den (34:3) 4x3
Inn (46:4) 5x4
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 2) (3:1) 3x3
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 3) (7:1) 3x3
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 4) (11:1) 3x3
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 5) (15:1) 3x3
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 6) (19:1) 3x3
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 7) (23:1) 3x3
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 8) (26:1) 3x3
Pirate Housing Plot (Rank 9) (38:1) 3x3
Smuggler's Dive (23:2) 3x2
Surgery (46:4) 3x3 Unique
Tavern (34:3) 3x3
Wench & Masseuse (23:2) 2x2

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