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Dictatorship 101Edit

Requirements: Finish all tutorials.

  • There are 3 tutorials with a total of 30 tasks to do. After you finish, the achievement is yours.

A New DawnEdit

Requirements: Complete "A New Dawn".

  • This is the first campaign mission. Your ultimate goal is to gain independence from the Crown. Once you gain 50% approval, Penultimo will inform you that you can declare independence. Doing this will give you the choice of paying or fighting the crown. If you choose to fight then you should be sure to have enough military to defend against the invaders.Once you pay off or win the battle against the Crown, the mission is over and the achievement will unlock.

Day 0Edit

Requirements: Complete "Day 0".

  • This achievement unlocks after completion of the mission "Day 0". You have to export 20,000 uranium. The way to succeed on this mission is to reduce the amount of time it takes to research new technologies, this is achieved by building and staffing libraries.

Back to the PastEdit

Requirements: Complete "Back to the Past"

  • This is a campaign story mission immediately following "Day 0". Like with all the story missions, follow the main goals set for you. For this mission you can choose from three starting objectives, which doesn't really matter, so choose which ever one you like. The next task, however, is kind of a pain. You will need to generate enough research in less than 20 yrs.
  • The research gained is slow and it doesn't say how may points are needed, it just says 100. So keep adding to it where ever you can.
  • You should get at least a few (3-5) Science Buildings.
  • Upgrade Colleges with "Research Projects" to add RP.
  • Purchase the Modern Edict - Stem-Cell Research. This will add RP to Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Libraries and Space Program - these also will add RP. Libraries are fairly cheap but the Space Program will cost you pretty much.
  • Try to add Inventor managers to science buildings if you have them. Like always, the more employees in the Building the more RP it will generate so be sure to up the budget if you are not getting people to work there.
  • Once you hit the 100 needed the mission is over and you will unlock the achievement.

Leon Must Die!Edit

Requirements: Complete "Leon Must Die!"

  • To win this mission you will need to draw 400 tourist to your island and all is in preparation! This can be pretty easy and fast to achieve if you already prepared your island 2 missions before, (in mission to acquire 1 million dollars "Get-rich-quick"). If you then choose to build couple hotels and entertainment buildings than, you wont have to try so hard to earn a bunch of money to buy new hotels because they should be there working for you already. Now you can relax and wait.


Requirements: Complete "Hope".

  • To prepare, start with the campaign mission "Get-rich-quick". On this mission, you get insane amounts of interest for your bank deposits. Be careful to never exceed one million dollars on your treasury or deposit, else you will win and the mission is over.
  • You should do the following before winning the mission "Get-rich-quick":
  • Build a lot of hotels and tourists attractions and have more than 200 tourists on the island. You also need this for mission "Leon Must Die!".
  • Remove the current dock and put it somewhere more centered, build 4-6 of them, then surround them with enhanced guard towers, army bases and barracks. Do not have any docks in other places. Enemy troops will come from docks.
  • Get a population of over 900.
  • Build 3 TV Stations.
  • Build at least 4 Sugar Farms and 2 Rum distilleries.
  • Have a high overall happiness.
  • For mission "Hope": You will already have all 5 requirements to win the final mission and it'll take less than 10 minutes to complete.



A Barrel Of MonkeysEdit

Requirements: Earn $50,000 yearly revenue from Entertainment buildings.

  • This achievement is easy to obtain during campaign missions "Get-rich-quick" or "Leon Must Die!"

Agricultural CommunityEdit

Requirements: Have more than 20 Plantations, Hydroponic Farms, Factory Farms and Ranches in a single game

  • Easiest way is to start sandbox game with unlimited money. Simply quick build required buildings.

... But To Take PartEdit

Requirements: Issue the "Host the Olympics" edict

  • Self-explanatory

Booked SolidEdit

Requirements: Have Slob, Family, Cultural, Eco and Wealthy tourists at the same time on the island.

  • Self-explanatory. This achievement is easy to obtain during campaign missions "Get-rich-quick" or "Leon Must Die!"


Requirements: Issue 20 edicts in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory

Cause of DeathEdit

Requirements: Execute a Rebel Leader

  • To be able to find Faction leaders/Rebels, you should construct a Police station as it will mark key citizens for you.

Red markers are rebels/crime lords (hat means crime lord, just a fist means a normal rebel, fist holding lightning bolt means Rebel Leader!) Click on that citizen and select the Kill option near the bottom (this should cost $2000), except if you have "Open Society" constitution which will disable any try to kill citizen.



Requirements: Win a Sandbox game on a Tiny island.

  • Self-explanatory

Everlasting ColonyEdit

Requirements: Rule for 100 months as a colonial governor

  • You can unlock this achievement in first mission of campaign. Simply do not finish mission until you unlock it.

Extraordinary Popular DelusionsEdit

Requirements: Have all happiness values above 50.

  • This is fairly a self-explanatory achievement though there are a couple of areas which can cause a little grief. This cannot be won in the colonial era as you have no healthcare facilities. Lack of entertainment options will also give you an issue at this point. The two causing most problems will be job satisfaction and housing.
  • Job satisfaction is linked to employment and happiness at work - this can simply be increased by paying more (increasing individual industries or building's budgets) and by paying for upgrades that increase workers happiness. Installing a manager with this influence will also help.
  • Housing happiness is severely deflated by homelessness and to retain a high satisfaction you must avoid tenements (better than being homeless but only marginally). Also using the edict mortgage subsidies will allow you to build mansions and other higher class homes which are then made accessible to poor and less wealthy people. Increasing the budget of individual houses will also increase the happiness.

For Science!Edit

Requirements: Research all technologies at least once before the year 2005 in a single game.

The easiest way to go about this is by doing the following:

  • Create a Sandbox game on a Generated Map (size and such doesn't matter much, just make it flat). Make sure the following options are selected: Unlimited Money, start in Modern Era, and turn off the "victory by" options. All others are up to you.
  • When the game loads, go to pause time and immediately build a Nuclear Power Plant (using quick build), and go into your trade routes and find any options for importing Uranium. Alternatively you can also see if there are any Uranium deposits and mine them, but that takes slightly longer. You might also try building a Lighthouse if you don't see any Uranium trade routes right away, but they should be there.
  • Next, build Science Labs again using quick build. Just build as many as you feel like 10-15. The more the better, but we don't want to exceed the power output. Also, build one Embassy, again using quick build.
  • After that, start time and move it to the right. Go into the power plant as well as all science labs and the embassy, and hire foreign workers to fill all spots available.
  • Lastly, go into Edicts and find/issue the Global Research Initiative (this requires at least one embassy).
  • All that's left to do is make sure that the power plant is outputting power, the science labs remain as full as possible in regards to employees, and that you're selecting any remaining research items when they become available. Shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so.

Friends With BenefitsEdit

Requirements: Have relations higher than 90 with all factions in the Modern Era

  • The easiest way to get this is to start a sandbox game Modern Times, Population 50, Money Unlimited, 2x Very low, 4x none.
  • Then follow these steps:

1. Quick build a single Power Plant and plenty of streets 2. Pause game time 3. Quick Build 20 Office Buildings -> Capitalists + Globalists = 100 4. Quick Build 3 Cathedrals -> Religious = 100 5. Quick Build 4 Barracks -> Militarists = 100 6. Quick Build 30 Apartments -> Communists = 100 7. Quick Build 6 Cigar Factories -> Industrialists = 95 8. Quick Build Space Program and Nuclear Program -> Nationalists 95 9. Quick Build lots and lots of large gardens -> Environmentalists 100 10. Unpause game time 11. After a short period, the achievement unlocks.


Fundamental PrinciplesEdit

Requirements: Amend the Constitution 6 times in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory


Requirements: Have 5 foreign powers in your Embassies at the same time.

  • Self-explanatory

Greasing PalmsEdit


Requirements: Bribe a Faction Leader.

  • To be able to find a Faction leader/Rebels, you should construct a Police station as it will mark key citizens for you.
  • Blue markers are faction leaders. Click on a blue marker to view information on the faction leader, make sure you have the right person, if should say (Name of Faction) leader under job/role.
  • Select the Bribe option near the bottom (this should cost from $1,000 to $10,000).

Heir And NowEdit

Requirements: Recognize a new heir.

  • Self-explanatory

History Will Absolve MeEdit


Requirements: Survive a rebel attack against the Palace.

  • Start up a sandbox game on whatever sort of map you like. Set the political difficulty to very high and everything else depending on how much of a challenge you want.
  • Upgrade your palace guards to commandos. Hire a General or Tactician as a manager if you have someone available, then max the budget, and set your constitution to "Professional Military", along with any other constitutional changes you want to make. You might need to hire some high school workers to be soldiers to make up for the uneducated troops lost from your military.
  • Now, to build up unrest. Don't build churches, don't build education, military, housing (besides mansions or houses for your soldiers), don't pay anyone besides soldiers anything above normal wages. Don't get too carried away, because you don't want an uprising or a coup on your hands. Most importantly, keep your military happy. Issue Right to Bear Arms, Military Drill and Martial Law.
  • Keep checking until you have rebels. When you're all ready, issue the Provoke the Rebels edict. But first, we want to make sure they hit your palace and not just any random building. In order to get rebels to attack your palace directly, you'll need to take away any other target first. Pause and save your game. If you have the money, buy yourself an Aircraft Carrier to help with the defense of your palace if need be. Then, demolish all farms, ranches, mines, etc. Provoke the rebels, and they should go for your palace. If they don't, reload the save, then delete everything and provoke them again.

In Seventh HeavenEdit

Requirements: Reach overall happiness of 77.

  • This can be an extremely tricky achievement to earn in Campaign mode, especially early on. The most important thing to note is that the number provided above your mini-map is your SUPPORT percentage, not the overall happiness statistic. The number you need to change is located in your Almanac in the Happiness tab. This also breaks down the areas where your island needs work. Some things are relatively easy to effect. Job satisfaction is mostly decided by the budget you set each building, Housing satisfaction by the quality and affordability of the houses you provide. Churches for Religion, Taverns and Restaurants for Entertainment, etc, etc.
  • The easiest way to earn this achievement is by playing in Sandbox mode. Set the difficulties to low, begin in Modern Times, give yourself infinite money, then set about lavishing every high quality building you can on the population. On top of that, sign as many social advantage edicts as you can. Keep referring back to the Almanac and it should only take a few months.


Requirements: Build more than 2,000 meters of roads in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory

Let Them Eat CakeEdit

Requirements: Survive an uprising.

  • Revolting citizens are the strongest enemies. Forget the US, forget the rebels or even you're own army. These guys really know how to use a stick and a stone. So be prepared and build army bases and barracks 3-4 (all fully upgraded). That was enough to put down the uprising with a population ~250. Build Aircraft Carrier and set fire at will.
  • This can be a really frustrating achievement to go after as the people of Tropico always prefer the military coup instead of an uprising. Keeping your people unhappy isn't helpful as it results in a not winnable massive coup.
  • Banishing people is the key for an uprising. Try to banish political leaders but don't banish leader of opposing party. If you banish Globalist don't banish Nationalist, or if you banish Communist don't banish Capitalist. Try to keep Militarists to love you to reduce risk of coup. It may occurs that a small military coup happens first. But these coups are pretty easy to handle. After you killed the traitors keep on banning people. DO NOT kill them. This would also result in a military coup.

Made In TropicoEdit

Requirements: Export 100,000 Luxury Goods.

  • Self-explanatory.

Middle Manager Of The RevolutionEdit

Requirements: Have managers in more than 15 buildings in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory.

Mine! All Mine!Edit

Requirements: Mine 100,000 ores and coal in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory.

Mirror, Mirror On The WallEdit

Requirements: Change the looks of a dynasty member.

  • Self-explanatory.


Requirements: Have a dynasty member with a level 5 skill.

  • Self-explanatory.

Pension PlanEdit

Requirements: Earn over $200,000 Swiss bank account.

  • Self-explanatory.

Presidente's SevenEdit

Requirements: Have 7 Dynasty members.

  • Self-explanatory.

Putsch and JudyEdit

Requirements: Survive a Military Coup.

  • Easy way is to start sandbox game with unlimited money. Build 4-5 upgraded guard towers around palace.
  • Build 1-2 barracks or forts and police station.
  • Kill someone (militarist leader is perfect target. Blue markers are faction leaders. Click on a blue marker to view information on the faction leader, make sure you have the right person, if should say (Name of Faction) leader under job/role. Click on that citizen and select the Kill option near the bottom (this should cost $2000), except if you have "Open Society" constitution which will disable any try to kill citizen.
  • You can actually kill anyone sooner or later Military Coup will start.


Requirements: Advance to the Modern Era before the year 1960.

  • This is rather easy to do. Start up a sandbox game on any large Island. Start the game in the cold wars with unlimited money. Build as many libraries, observatories and schools as you can. Then research everything available to you. The aim is to quickly research the nuclear atom so you can build the nuclear program to advance to the modern era.

Sheep For WoodEdit

Requirements: Have a fleet of 12 trade ships.

  • Easy way is to start sandbox game with unlimited money, Modern Times and large island.
  • Build 6 docks and connect them with road.
  • Build Drydock and upgrade Shipwright. That's it.

The Bay Of PigsEdit

Requirements: Survive an invasion from the USA

  • Self-explanatory.

The Great MogulEdit

Requirements: Have 10 different industry buildings in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory.

The Madness Of CrowdsEdit

Requirements: Have more than 500 citizens in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory.

The Town Of CityvilleEdit

Requirements: Build 150 buildings in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory.

Think TanksEdit

Requirements: Have 5 Army Bases in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory.

To Live In Interesting TimesEdit

Requirements: Win a Sandbox game on an island with Relentless Disasters.

  • Play a Sandbox game using the following settings (the rest of the options do not matter):
  • Starting Era: Modern Times, Starting Money: Unlimited, Disasters: Relentless, (Victory by) Nuclear Power Plant.
  • When the game starts, build Nuclear Power Plant anywhere near a road. Click on plant and chose quick build
  • The sandbox game will end and the achievement will pop. Takes no more than 45 seconds.

Tower DefenseEdit

Requirements: Have 20 Guard Towers in a single game.

  • Self-explanatory.

United States of TropicoEdit

Requirements: Finish a game with relations of 100 with the US.

  • Like many of the achievements in this game, this one can be obtained fairly painlessly in Sandbox mode by making the game as easy as possible. Unlimited money, easy difficulty, etc. Set the win condition to Construction: Space Program.
    • Now, your first (and really only) order of business is making the U.S. happy. Start by building an embassy and inviting the U.S. Then, Praise them as often as you can. Change your Constitution to stuff that the U.S. likes. Most of them are pretty obvious but in case you're not sure what's what, here's a rundown of what the U.S. will like:
      1. Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote
      2. Religion & State: Secular State
      3. Armed Forces: Professional Army
      4. Political Rights: Democracy
      5. Labor Policy: Happy Childhood
      6. Citizenship: Visa Program
      7. Personal Rights: Open Society
      8. Economy Structure: Free Market
      9. Media Independence: Independent Media
      10. Digital Rights: Fight Piracy
      11. Globalization: Open Borders
      12. Ecology: Energy Efficiency
  • Start trade with US buying or selling any good.
  • US should be in love with you. If you're not at 100, use your Embassy to Praise the U.S. until you are.
  • Then, simply quickbuild the Space Program and enjoy your shiny new achievement.




Requirements: Win a multiplayer game by construction.

  • Self-explanatory.

Good SportsmanshipEdit

Requirements: Finish a multiplayer game.

  • Self-explanatory.

It Prints Money!Edit

Requirements: Win a multiplayer game by money.

  • Self-explanatory.

Naughty DocksEdit

Requirements: Connect a dock with that of another player (multiplayer).

  • All you need to do is have yours and the other players dock connected by a road in a coop game. It doesn't matter who builds the road. Unlocks even if the other player has already lost.

Project BealEdit

Requirements: Win a multiplayer game by points.

  • Self-explanatory.

What Energy Crisis?Edit

Requirements: Produce and share 1,000 MW of power with another player (multiplayer).

  • Start a coop game with unlimited money in the modern era, then quick build 3 geothermal power plants and immediately pay for the workers and enhancements. After the workers arrive and you have over 1000MW of power available, use diplomacy to share power with the other player. Shortly after the other player confirms this, the achievement unlocks.

Waterborne ExpansionEdit

Thanks for all the fish!Edit

Requirements: Have a fleet of 3 Fishing Trawlers

The Black PearlEdit

Requirements: Complete "Treasure Hunt"

The King of PearlsEdit

Requirements: Have 3 Oyster Farms and a Jewelry Workshop

The China CardEdit

Requirements: Successfully complete 5 trade routes with China in a single game


Requirements: Have 1 of each waterborne buildings in a single play-through

Offshore HavenEdit

Requirements: Have 5 superpowers in Offshore Offices

Surfin' Tropico!Edit

Requirements: Complete Waterborne campaign

My PreciousEdit

Requirements: Finish the Waterborne campaign with the Black Pearl in your possession


Requirements: Have 10 Floating Apartments and no residential buildings on land (excluding shacks)


Requirements: Defeat Captain Plant in the final battle

Do not press!Edit

Requirements: Fire missiles from a Nuclear Submarine during a battle against another player

Espionage ExpansionEdit

The Maltese ToucanEdit

Requirements: Complete mission 1 

Presidente 007Edit

Requirements: Complete Espionage campaign 

The Silent FrontEdit

Requirements: Complete a Sabotage action in multiplayer 


Requirements: Expose secrets of 2 different superpowers in a single game 

Catch me a SpyEdit

Requirements: Deal with 10 foreign spies in a single game 


Requirements: Have Ministry of Information, Dungeon and 10 Security Checkpoint 

Big BrotherEdit

Requirements: Have 5 Police Blimps 

From Tropico with loveEdit

Requirements: Have 13 loyal spies at the same time 

The Greybar HotelEdit

Requirements: Have 20 prisoners in Dungeons and Supermax Prisons 

Kill all HumansEdit

Requirements: Eliminate 20 undesirable citizens with drones

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